Seamless API-first connectivity for all
event-driven microservices and data inside the enterprise.
Kafka Investment
Kafka's performance & resilience benefits extended across the application stack.
Heavy Kafka integration middleware replaced by a single, stateless API layer.
Increased Developer Agility
Developers across teams accessing event-streams via their own APIs of choice.
Security Footprint
Centralized authorization & authentication of all non-Kafka clients.
Certified by partnes, trusted by leading enterprises.

Zilla Plus+

Everything in OSS plus commercial integrations and enterprise support. Partner-certified solutions for Confluent Cloud, Redpanda, and AWS MSK.
Select Features
  • 24x7 help desk with SLAs
  • Designated account manager
  • Access to solutions expert
  • Priority feature requests
Contact Sales for GCP/Azure/On-Premise deployments

Zilla Open Source

Free, open source, mission-critical ready!
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  • The most advanced Kafka-native protocol mediation engine
  • REST, SSE, MQTT and gRPC Kafka proxying
  • No Kafka Connect®, custom Kafka integration code, web servers or intermediary MQTT brokers (for IoT use cases) needed
  • Client authentication via OAUTH 2.0 using JWT bearer tokens
  • TLS virtual hosting
  • Deploy on Docker or Kubernetes
  • Zilla Community Slack
  • Separate enterprise support packages available

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