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Stream Data Everywhere with aklivity + Redpanda

Turn Redpanda streams into APIs that bring real-time data processing to any application, client or service — no matter where or how it runs!
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Redpanda's performance & resilience benefits extended across the application stack.
Heavy Kafka integration middleware replaced by a single, stateless API layer.
Developer Agility
Developers across teams accessing data streams via their own APIs of choice.
Security Footprint
Centralized authorization & authentication of all non-Kafka clients.

Integrate, Modernize & Unify

...with OpenAPIs and AsyncAPIs on top of Redpanda data streams.
IoT Ingest & Control

Reduce redundant replication and lag by connecting MQTT clients directly to Redpanda without intermediary MQTT brokers and Kafka Connect.

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Web & Mobile

Leverage your cluster as an asynchronous backend for web and mobile clients. Build live dashboards, geotracking, in-app chat and more, all without dedicated servers or third-party pub/sub services.

Event Mesh

Interface REST and gRPC services to Redpanda with app specific API declarations, enabling them as first-class participants inside an event-driven architecture. Achieve a CQRS event-sourcing design pattern with minimal effort.

Run the examples to see Zilla in action.

Seamless Setup

No Kafka Connect. No Coding. No Intermediary Brokers.
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