Set Your APIs in Motion

API Management for Streaming Architectures

Deploy and manage APIs inside event-driven architectures with ease. Simplify connecting apps and services to Apache Kafka® without intermediary brokers, SDKs or Kafka® Connect.

Unify your architecture

Explore how Aklivity helps achieve a unified event-driven architecture.

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API Management

Interface mobile, web and IoT clients directly to Kafka® clusters through Open and AsyncAPIs. Bridge the worlds of request-response and messaging.

Engineered for innovation

Uncompromised performance, future-proof design.

Protocol translation

A highly extensible protocol-translation engine is at Aklivity's core. With a deep understanding of protocol features, structures and semantics, Aklivity unlocks in-flight integration for different network and messaging protocol combinations.

Cloud native

Aklivity was designed for the cloud. It takes advantage of modern, multi-core cloud hardware by parallelizing workloads across CPU cores. The result: fewer instances needed to maximize throughput with predictable low latency.


Unlike other solutions, Aklivity requires no proprietary client SDKs or libraries, and instead relies on vanilla protocols in combination with Open and Async API standards. Plug-and-play existing client apps or quickly onboard new ones.

No intermediary brokers

Non-Kafka, message-driven clients are directly interfaced to Kafka without the need for their native brokers. Avoid data replication and excess DevOps load by dropping MQTT and JMS brokers. 

Secure by default

Security comes built-in. TLS, OAuth authentication and automated certificate management are included. Restrict access to endpoints based on user entitlement privileges.

Granular control

Aklivity enhances streaming APIs by providing a range of advanced features such as guaranteed delivery, message filtering, delta messaging, last value caching, conflation and fanout.

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A fully-managed, AsyncAPI platform.

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