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Stream Data Everywhere with aklivity + AWS MSK

Turn AWS MSK streams into APIs that bring real-time data processing to any application, client or service — no matter where or how it runs!
MSK Investment
Kafka's performance & resilience benefits extended across the application stack.
Heavy Kafka integration middleware replaced by a single, stateless API layer.
Developer Agility
Developers across teams accessing data streams via their own APIs of choice.
Security Footprint
Centralized authorization & authentication of all non-Kafka clients.

Integrate, Modernize & Unify

...with OpenAPIs and AsyncAPIs on top of Confluent data streams.
Secure Public Access

Expose an MSK cluster  to external client applications and services, securely and at scale. Deploy hybrid IT and partner integration initiatives with confidence.

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IoT Ingest & Control

Reduce redundant replication and lag by connecting MQTT clients directly to Confluent without intermediary MQTT brokers and Kafka Connect.

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Event Mesh

Interface REST and gRPC services to MSK with app specific API declarations, enabling them as first-class participants inside an event-driven architecture. Achieve a CQRS event-sourcing design pattern with minimal effort.

Web & Mobile

Leverage your cluster as an asynchronous backend for web and mobile clients. Build live dashboards, geotracking, in-app chat and more, all without dedicated servers or third-party pub/sub services.

Run the examples to see Zilla in action.

Seamless Setup

No Kafka Connect. No Coding. No Intermediary Brokers.
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