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Announcing: Aklivity joins the Connect with Confluent (CwC) Partner Program

Aklivity partners with Confluent to bring real-time data processing to any application, client or service.
Leonid Lukyanov
Team Aklivity
We’re excited to announce that [Aklivity has partnered with Confluent]( and has become a certified member of the Confluent connector ecosystem! With this partnership, enterprise teams can now connect any web app, IoT client, or microservice to Confluent Cloud with just a few lines of YAML. ## What is Confluent Cloud [Confluent Cloud]( is a fully-managed streaming data service that harnesses the potential of Apache Kafka, enabling businesses to effortlessly manage and orchestrate data in real-time. It alleviates the burden of setting up, maintaining, and scaling Kafka, allowing companies to focus solely on deriving valuable insights from their data streams. ## Who is Aklivity Aklivity is pioneering event-native API infrastructure by way of Zilla, a multi-protocol edge and service proxy. Zilla is the most advanced yet approachable Kafka integration solution. It has no external dependencies, requires no coding, and does not rely on the Kafka Consumer/Producer API. Instead, it natively supports the Kafka wire protocol and uses novel protocol mediation techniques to establish stateless OpenAPI and AsyncAPI entry points into Kafka. ## Zilla Plus for Confluent Cloud [Zilla Plus for Confluent Cloud]( is an enterprise version of the open-source Zilla proxy. It comes with additional features, integrations, enterprise support, and has been vetted for technical excellence by Confluent. Zilla Plus enables teams to integrate, modernize, and develop data streaming applications and services with ease. Use cases include: - **Secure Public Access:** Enable Kafka clients running on-premise, across clouds or inside partner environments to securely and flexibly connect to a privately-networked Confluent Cloud cluster. - **IoT Ingest and Control:** Turn a Confluent Cloud cluster into a fully-fledged MQTT broker and reduce redundant replication and lag by connecting MQTT clients directly to data streams without an intermediary MQTT broker. - **Event Mesh:** Abstract Confluent Cloud behind a REST or gRPC interface for non-Kafka microservices. Achieve client and server streaming as well as correlated request-response over topics. - **Real-time Web:** Broadcast data streams to browsers and mobile applications at web-scale with advanced security and guaranteed delivery. ## Four Key Benefits of API-first Data Streaming Integration via Zilla Plus for Confluent Cloud With Zilla Plus, teams can achieve a unified, lightweight interface to all of their streaming services and data, forgoing disjointed integration pipelines and heavy Kafka Connect deployments. 1. **Maximized Confluent Cloud Investment:** By abstracting Confluent Cloud behind native OpenAPIs and AsyncAPIs, it becomes readily accessible to applications and services that otherwise would not be able to connect directly. 2. **Offloaded DevOps:** Heavy Kafka integration middleware is replaced by a single stateless, declaratively configured API layer. 3. **Unified Analytics:** When all apps and services are connected to Confluent Cloud, truly unified analytics and data processing becomes possible. 4. **Streamlined Security Footprint:** A unified API interface centralizes authorization and authentication for all non-Kafka clients in a data streaming deployment. ## How To Get Started image Zilla Plus for Confluent Cloud is [available on AWS Marketplace]( It works with any type of Confluent Cloud cluster (privately-networked or not) and comes with CloudFormation templates for a quick and guided setup experience. Within minutes, Kafka, MQTT, HTTP and other types of API entry points into a Confluent Cloud cluster can be configured and deployed!
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